Briefcases for tablets


In recent years, the Tablet PCs has earned popularity pretty fast, partially thanks to Apple's iPad and its accompanying promotional campaign. Seeing this product's success, almost every, self-respecting IT company began developing their own versions of the Tablet PC. As a result, quite a wide variety of mixed quality tablet PCs emerged, most of them powered by the Android operating system. There are also some exceptions, such as the BlackBerry Playbook that runs their own BlackBerry Tablet OS, HP TouchPad with webOS, and even ExoPC Slate running Windows 7. Admittedly, only few of those tablets set up serious competition to the niche pioneer Apple iPad - the best examples are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

If you use your Tablet PC for business needs such as various presentations or meetings, you certainly need a nice briefcase or purse for it. If you carry your laptop with you as well, certainly you can carry both in one big briefcase, which provides space for both - computer and tablet. Otherwise, using briefcases, designed especially for tablet PCs, certainly would be more convenient not only because of their compactness, but as they also may provide a variety of additional options - such as stand, a physical keyboard, additional speakers and even an extra built-in battery.

How to choose the right briefcase


There are so many tablets available in market for now, that it is hard to even orientate in them. It is the same situation with the accessories purses, cases and briefcases. They are offered by a wide variety of manufacturers, such as Mulberry, iLuv, Saddleback Leather and many others. There is wide variety of cases offered especially for Apple iPad tablets and it is quite easy to find one that suits best for your needs.

If you own a bit more exotic tablet PC with a non-standard dimensions and/or different saliencies (e.g. for camera) placed differently, then finding something more than the standard manufacturer offered cases can be quite difficult. But do not immediately give up - you can search by your device's model name and you will definitely find something suitable. If, however, your device is not sufficiently well represented, you can search by the device's dimensions (width, length, depth) - often briefcases made for a specific tablet model will fit on other devices as well, if dimensions are the same. One must be careful though with different connectors for keyboards and other peripherals. If you are looking for a case by the dimensions, you should pay attention to its internal dimensions, rather than external, as often the external dimensions can be much larger than the internal.

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